Free Drupal backups

Free Drupal backup

If your website uses the Drupal CMS, a server crash could cause you to lose your entire website. But don't fear: Backup Machine will back up your Drupal website for free.

Drupal Backup

We're convinced that Backup Machine is the perfect tool to back up Drupal that we're offering free Drupal backups. Simply sign up for our free account and we'll back up up your entire Drupal website, confirmation and database for free. No strings; just regular, secure, free Drupal backups!

What's included with the free Drupal backups?

We automatically back up every part of your Drupal website, including:

  • Back up Drupal database
  • Back up Drupal templates and themes
  • Back up all Drupal settings
  • Back up all Drupal plugins

The Drupal website suggests a detailed backup policy, but Backup Machine goes even above and beyond what's suggested. We automatically back up your Drupal website for free once a month. If you like our service, you can upgrade to a paid for account (starting at just $4.99/month) to get daily or weekly website backups.

Are there any limitations?

We have two small stipulations: you get 50MB of backup space (plenty for most Drupal websites) and you can only back up website files (i.e. HTML files and images; not PDFs or movies). Otherwise, our free Drupal backup package has no strings attached!

What happens if I run out of space?

For Drupal, 50MB is more than enough space. But if you need more, you can upgrade to packages with far more space than you'll need for just a small monthly fee

Back up your Drupal website for free - start now!

  • Automatic daily website backup.
  • Restore your website in minutes.
  • Prices start from $4.99/month.


Full online control of your packages and backups.

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Browse all backups and choose which files to download and restore.