Free website backups

Free backups

Is your website backed up? How about for free? With Backup Machine, we'll back up your website every month for free!

We're so convinced that you will want to back up your website with Backup Machine that we're offering free website backups. Simply sign up now and we'll back up your website once a month for free. No strings; just secure, regular free website backups!

Why offer free website backups?

Our free website backups are offered because we believe that you'll quickly see the advantage of having your website backed up. If you like our service, you can upgrade to a paid for account (starting at just $4.99/month) to get more regular website backups.

Are there any limitations?

We have a few small limitations: you cannot back up more than 50MB and you can only back up website files (i.e. HTML files and images). Otherwise, our free website backups package has no strings attached!

What happens if I run out of space?

If you need more space you can upgrade your free website package to a paid-for one. Our packages start at just $4.99/month so it's only a very small investment to get more regular website backups.

Back up your website for free - start now!

  • Automatic daily website backup.
  • Restore your website in minutes.
  • Prices start from $4.99/month.

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