How to Backup a Fasthosts Website


Fasthosts are a leading hosting provider in the UK. They do not currently offer a customer-accessible backup solution, but don’t worry – we can provide one for you!

It’s quick and simple to take an offsite backup of your Fasthosts website and MySQL database, automatically with Backup Machine.

In order for Backup Machine to backup your website, we require FTP (or SFTP) access to your website’s files.

Log into your Fasthosts Control Panel, then choose the “Hosting” menu. Select the website name you want to back up. This will take you to an overview page for your website, where you can control its FTP details as well as any related databases.

Add FTP Access

Click on the icon marked “FTP” within your website’s overview page.

From this screen you can reset the main (or “Master”) FTP password for your website. If you do not know it already, you will need to specify a new password here and remember it.

This “Master FTP Account” uses your website’s domain name (e.g. as the FTP username. Backup Machine can use this account, but it would be better to create a special account, just for backing up your files.

Fasthosts provide a guide for adding additional users here: Add additional FTP user

You will need to add a user with access to the root of your website (‘/’) and at least View Files and View Folders permissions.

PLEASE NOTE: You’ll need to wait up to 15 minutes for the FTP username and password to make their way onto Fasthosts’ FTP servers.

While that’s happening, let’s sort out your database too.

Add Database User

From the website overview page in your Fasthosts control panel, you should see a “Databases” icon. Clicking on this icon will show you a list of your databases.

As well as your username and password, you will require the values of “Database Name” and “Server IP Address” from this list.

To add a user (or new database), please refer to Fasthosts’ “MySQL Guide”, available here: If you already have a database, jump to the section entitled “Adding users to your database” in this guide.

In Backup Machine

Within your Backup Machine account, click “+ Add Website” on the left-hand side of the screen. Please substitute for your website’s domain name (e.g. in the following guide:

Your website address is “www.“ Your FTP server address is “ftp.“ Your FTP username is “” unless you added your own user, in which case please use that user’s username. Your FTP password is as you specified within the Fasthosts control panel. Once you have completed the “Add Website” wizard, you can now add your database’s details (if you have one):

Click “Your Websites” from the left-hand menu, then select settings, or the thumbnail of your site.

From here, click “Add MySQL database”, then choose the “Connect Directly” option.

Your database server address is the IP Address you recorded from the list of databases in your Fasthosts control panel Your database name, username and password are the ones which you specified in your Fasthosts control panel


It’s always a good idea to have an automated offsite backup, regardless of your hosting provider. We’ll be covering other hosting providers in future. If you would like us to produce a guide for yours, why not get in touch?

Feb. 23, 2020, 11:18 a.m.