Steve Backup Machine now offers other ways to pay

Backup Machine now supports credit card payments, without having to use PayPal.

creditcardiconIf you currently pay your bill using PayPal, you can swap over to credit card payments from within your Backup Machine control panel. Simply log in, select “Account Settings” then “Payment Schedule”, and you will be able to change any of your existing charges.

Happy Holidays from the Backup Machine Team!





Andi View Changed Website Files

We’re always happy to hear feature requests and here’s a perfect success story. We recently received a request for a customer to see all of the files that were changed between two backups. Within just a few days, that new feature was fully developed, tested and put live!

To see the files that were changed between a backup, simply visit your backup history and then click the “View changed files” link on the file listing of any backup report. The file list will then only show the changed files.

We work on improving Backup Machine every single day. We’re a small team, but with a great passion for our service and product. Therefore, we hope that you find this improvement useful.

Andi Back Up Your Web Apps

Do you use Joomla, WordPress, phpBB or any other web app on your website? It’s vital that you back up these apps regularly as these apps are often targeted by hackers as methods of accessing and changing your website.

Instead of requiring custom configuration for each individual type of web app, we decided to build a more complete and robust system that backs up every singe file and database entry used on your website. This solution ensures that you’ve always got the latest version of your website backed up without ever having to do anything.

We’ve prepared some pages describing the backup policy and additional information about some popular web apps. So if you want to back up WordPress, find out about Joomla backup options, enquire about automatic Drupal backups, ensure that your osCommerce shop is backed up, or even how to back up phpBB for free, then you’ve come to the right place!

Those are just a few examples. With Backup Machine, you can securely back up any website or web app with ease!

Andi New Security Features

Our goal at Backup Machine is to allow you to securely back up your website and database data. Therefore, it’s fitting that our first major post-launch feature provides two important security improvements:

1. SFTP backups – if your web host allows it, you can now back up using SSH FTP, which some users prefer due to its added security benefits.

2. SSH tunnelling for MySQL databases – this an advanced encrypted communication between Backup Machine and your MySQL server (even if the MySQL port is blocked by your web host).

These features are now available for all account types.

We’ll be making lots more useful updates in the coming months. Stay tuned to the blog to hear them first.

Andi No Software Required

When we started working on Backup Machine, we knew that there’s one thing we wanted to do differently to other backup providers: not require any software to be installed! This gives our customers some key advantages over a software solution:

  • Quick and easy setup, with nothing to install.
  • Backups work with any server and any web host.
  • Your computer doesn’t need to be on for the backups to work.
  • No software updates to install or manage.
  • Nothing to worry about … we handle everything!

If you’re currently using a software-based solution, why not try Backup Machine? Our backups can run side by side with your current solution until you’re happy that the Backup Machine is the only backup you need!