Company Updates

Steve Backup Machine now offers other ways to pay

Backup Machine now supports credit card payments, without having to use PayPal.

creditcardiconIf you currently pay your bill using PayPal, you can swap over to credit card payments from within your Backup Machine control panel. Simply log in, select “Account Settings” then “Payment Schedule”, and you will be able to change any of your existing charges.

Happy Holidays from the Backup Machine Team!





Steve Track changes to your website via e-mail

Backup Machine uses a unique incremental backup system that keeps track of changes to your website’s files.  We use this to only backup those files that have changed since the last time (saving you bandwidth and server load).

You have always been able to see these changed files through your Backup Machine control panel – but now we’ll also give you a heads-up of the files that have changed via e-mail.

Some of our customers have been using this feature to keep track of changes to their site, and spot possible malicious activity.  We hope you find it useful too!  You can never be too careful with your precious data.

To turn on this feature, visit your “Account Settings”, and select “Notifications” then “Include Extended Information”.

Change Notification Email

Change Notification Email

Andi Profit from Backup Machine

We’ve been keeping a secret hidden within Backup Machine and it’s time to unveil it: Backup Machine can make you money!

If you are a web designer, web host or reseller, our new Reseller Account can be used as a great additional revenue scheme. Our research shows that customers of web designers and web hosts expect their supplier to have access to the latest version of their website. Now you can have daily backups and make money from it. It’s the perfect combination!

  • Completely brandable and configurable interface
  • Manage customers online through our reseller control panel
  • Add your own resellers with their own brands
  • Easy set up … start reselling in minutes
  • Excellent pricing, with large revenue opportunities. Profit every month from each customer

The brandable reseller interface is a big step forward for Backup Machine. With several successful resellers on now board, it’s already proving to be a great recurring revenue stream for anyone who sells websites or web hosting.

Sign up as a Backup Machine Reseller today, or discuss your needs with us. We’re always happy to help!

Andi Backup Machine in a nutshell

Hello. We’re the new machine on the block. We’ve got something quite exciting hidden under our hood: automatic, stress-free online website backups!

We’re a fully-automated online website backup service. There’s nothing to install and no complicated configuration; we just back up your website on a daily, weekly or monthly basis (depending on your package type). And then if your website ever hits trouble (such as gets hacked, you accidentally delete files or your host loses the files), you’ll be able to recover the website in minutes. It’s that easy!

We believe in having just the right amount of tools and features you need. So instead of having hundreds of pointless features, we do one thing and we do it well: website backups! We offer a free website backup package (with no pesky credit cards required) so you’ve got nothing to lose. Let the machine do its work on you!