Backup your website database without remote access!

We’ve been working hard at Backup Machine to create a new way to backup your website’s database, even when your host doesn’t give you remote access.

Since we launched, we’ve allowed you to backup your database either directly or by using SSH.  Even then, sometimes that hasn’t been enough.  We’re truly committed to ensuring that everyone can back up their data, so this didn’t stop us searching for alternatives.

Today we’re proud to announce a third backup option: Backup your database through your website.

By using a simple PHP script that you can securely download through our site, we can now backup your database – even when the other options aren’t available to you.


Security at Backup Machine is paramount.  As such, all data and database credentials are strongly encrypted when transferred to and from your site.  The script itself does not contain a copy of your database password.

Unlike some other inferior technologies, we’ve worked hard to ensure that your data remains safe at all times.

Let’s go!

This option is now available to everyone through their Backup Machine account.  If you’ve been unable to backup your database in the past, why not give us a go with one of our free accounts?

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