Posts from January 2012

Andi Website Resolutions

What is your New Year resolution? Do more exercise, eat less chocolate, or perhaps see your family more often?

While you’re working on your plans for 2012, don’t forget your website. What is your website resolution (and we’re not thinking about 1024 x 768 … not those resolutions!)? Here are a couple of suggestions from us:

  • - Set up automatic website backups (of course!).
  • - Update your blog more often.
  • - Communicate with your customers more frequently about the things that matter to them.
  • - Make your social media more social, and not just about selling.
  • - Review some of your key user interfaces to work out how you can make them slicker, easier to use and better at converting sales.

We’ve got many of our own ideas too. What are yours? Tweet us yours at @BackupMachine!