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Andi SOPA and Website Backups

SOPA is being talked about everywhere. It’s stands for “Stop Online Piracy Act” and if passed, will allow the American government to take control over websites that they believe to contain copyrighted material. This could include websites that share (or even just link to) copyrighted videos, music, images or text.

The internet is full of great articles about what SOPA is and how it will affect the internet. But I want to focus specifically on what it means for website owners.

Who will be affected?
In short: everyone. Even if you don’t host, link to, or share copyrighted material, the very fact that you host your website puts you at risk. If your web host unknowingly allows just one website that it hosts to link to pirated material, the US government could shut down that web host’s entire operation. Therefore, you could potentially lose your website for doing absolutely nothing wrong.

Isn’t that a little unlikely?
Not at all. We know this, because it happened before when the FBI seized several servers from a web host called DigitalOne. That was pretty tough for them to do, but the SOPA act is all about making this much easier for the US government.

What can you do?
In truth, if the bill gets passed, there’s very little you can do. The world will lose control of the internet. But, we do have one vital tip: make sure that your website is constantly backed up. Whether you back up yourself, or back up with us, it’s vital that you do something.

Your website could be wiped from the internet with no warning and without you doing anything wrong. So by ensuring that you have a backup, you can at least be equipped to quickly jump into action and rectify the terrible situation.

We hate to sound negative about the situation, but we also hate what SOPA could do to the internet. We hope that this little guide at least helps you prepare for the worst. In short: it’s more important to back up now than ever before.