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Andi 5 Tips to Resell Backup Machine

If you’re a web designer, Backup Machine’s Reseller package is the perfect additional revenue stream. Here are five tips to help you resell website backup:

1. Contact your existing customer base
There’s a good chance that your customers aren’t aware that their website isn’t automatically backed up. Drop them a line to let them know that you are now offering backup services under your portfolio.

2. Build the price into a “hosting fee”
If you’re already hosting the website for your customer, why not add a little on top to back up the website too? It could save you a lot of headaches down the line, if anything goes wrong with your hosting.

3. Offer to back up their other websites too
You’re not limited to backing up websites that you designed. Backup Machine backs up websites from any host, or using any CMS, so why not offer to back up your customers’ other websites too?

4. Mark up the price
We don’t have any stipulations of how much you can charge for your Backup Machine packages, so why not mark up the price and make some extra money along the way?

5. Create your own website backup brand
We have full white-label and branding facilities, so why not go all out and create your own branded backups? We’ve done all the hard work; you just need to create a create brand and sell as many website backup packages as you can!