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Andi How We Back Up Your Website

We get a lot of enquiries about exactly how we automatically back up websites. Behind the scenes, our website and database backup is a complicated system, but we’ve made it incredibly simple to use. You don’t need any technical skills and once you’ve set up your backup, using our easy wizard, you’ll never need to configure anything again.

Here’s the process we go through to back up your website:

1. We connect to your FTP account and work out which files have changed since the last time we backed up (we have monthly, weekly and daily backup packages). You can even choose the exact time of day that we start the backup, if you’d like.

2. We download only the new files, or files that have been updated. This saves your bandwidth and ensures that your server isn’t slowed down by us¬†unnecessarily¬†downloading files that we’ve already backed up. We can connect via FTP, or SFTP if you prefer.

3. We encrypt those files, using an industry-standard, unbreakable encryption method.

4. We then store the encrypted files on Amazon’s S3 cloud (based in Virginia, USA); an secure cloud storage service with ISO 27001 certification with regular backups and 99.999999999% hardware redundancy.

Your backed-up files are then available to be downloaded immediately. You can restore to any backed up date, and can restore the entire website or single files.