Posts from August 2011

Andi Profit from Backup Machine

We’ve been keeping a secret hidden within Backup Machine and it’s time to unveil it: Backup Machine can make you money!

If you are a web designer, web host or reseller, our new Reseller Account can be used as a great additional revenue scheme. Our research shows that customers of web designers and web hosts expect their supplier to have access to the latest version of their website. Now you can have daily backups and make money from it. It’s the perfect combination!

  • Completely brandable and configurable interface
  • Manage customers online through our reseller control panel
  • Add your own resellers with their own brands
  • Easy set up … start reselling in minutes
  • Excellent pricing, with large revenue opportunities. Profit every month from each customer

The brandable reseller interface is a big step forward for Backup Machine. With several successful resellers on now board, it’s already proving to be a great recurring revenue stream for anyone who sells websites or web hosting.

Sign up as a Backup Machine Reseller today, or discuss your needs with us. We’re always happy to help!