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Steve Website Backup Essentials

Regardless of how you backup your website, it is essential that you consider the following things before you can relax:

1. Your backup is automatic

So you’ve got a website, and you can take a copy when you like.  You can also connect to your database and take a copy.  But be honest – if it’s not something that happens automatically, how up-to-date do you think that copy will be when you need it most?

Backup Machine will take a copy of your site every day to ensure that if disaster strikes, you’re up-to-date and don’t lose anything.

2. Your backup is verified

When you took your last database backup (you have backed up your database, haven’t you?), did you restore it somewhere and verify that it was complete?

Every time we take a database backup we restore it to our own servers and run integrity checks to ensure that the backup completed successfully.

We also run corruption checks on your website files to ensure the highest levels of data integrity.

3. Your backup is secure

When you store your website’s files, you must ensure that they’re encrypted.  Chances are that if you’re using a piece of forum or blog software, you’ve got your database password in there.  You don’t want that getting into the wrong hands!

Before storing your files we strongly encrypt them to ensure that no one can poke around.  We have strict Backup Machine security policies to look after your data.

4. Your backup is held off-site

If the data centre hosting your website and database went down, suffered hardware failure or, heaven forbid, your hosting provider went out of business – you need access to your data more than ever.  If you store your data on the same server or even the same network, that’s not necessarily going to work out the way you want it to.

Backup Machine stores your data using Amazon’s S3 platform (which copies your data into multiple data centres) to ensure that there’ll always be a copy of your site available when you need it.

Steve 3 reasons to protect your website from disaster

“Too late! Too late!” will be the cry…when the server with your files has gone bye-bye.

We have no end of customers who join us just after a catastrophe.  Just in the last week, customers joined us after:

  • 1. Their entire Virtual Server (VPS) was lost due to file corruption, and their host could not recover the data.
  • 2. The web host that they trusted to run their website didn’t pay their bills, and ended up deleting hundreds of their customers’ websites without warning.
  • 3. A junior web developer at a small company was updating their blog database and accidentally dropped the table holding their content and comments.

There are so many things that can go wrong… but the best thing is, it’s really easy to protect yourself.  A simple step forward is to have a recent copy of your website and database to hand, on a completely separate system to your main website.

If your house burnt to the ground, wouldn’t it be great to be able to move into an identical, undamaged one across the road?  The only thing you have to do is to make this decision before the fire starts.