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Andi Secure Cloud Backups

We’re often asked how secure backing up your website online really is, so we thought it best to provide some tips on how to ensure a secure website backup:

Use a reputable provider
There are lots of websites that claim to back up your website. Ensure that they’re a registered company and not a working-from-a-bedroom style operation. This gives you protection and helps assure that your backups are stored in a secure manner.

Ensure that the backups are encrypted
When Backup Machine backs up your website, the first thing that we do is encrypt your files. Our encryption policy is closely guarded to ensure that even if someone got hold of your website data (and that in itself would prove to be extremely difficult), they won’t be able to decrypt it.

Give the backup provider limited access
Ensure that you only give your backup provider access to the files that you’d like to back up. Most web hosts allow you to create “custom” FTP accounts which only have rights to specific folders. In turn, Backup Machine allows you to exclude folders that you don’t want us to back up.

For best security, opt to use SFTP over FTP. This is a secure method of transferring your files from your web host to your backup provider. Similarly, if you’re backing up a MySQL database, be sure to use SSH tunneling if your provider supports it.

Security is incredibly important to Backup Machine. You can read more about our security policy on our backup security page.