Posts from March 2011

Andi World Backup Day

There’s a day for everything: talking like a pirate, stopping smoking and even eating cheese. Most importantly though, today (31st March) is World Backup Day!

Organised by a team of Reddit users, World Backup Day is an independent, non-profit initiative designed to bring awareness to the fact that people should back up their data and importantly, check their backups. Why is that so important? Well, as we recently tweeted, 34% of companies fail to test their tape backups and 77% of the companies that do have found back-up failures.

So, many congratulations to the team behind World Backup Day 2011 and long may you continue! You have our full support.

Andi Back Up Your Web Apps

Do you use Joomla, WordPress, phpBB or any other web app on your website? It’s vital that you back up these apps regularly as these apps are often targeted by hackers as methods of accessing and changing your website.

Instead of requiring custom configuration for each individual type of web app, we decided to build a more complete and robust system that backs up every singe file and database entry used on your website. This solution ensures that you’ve always got the latest version of your website backed up without ever having to do anything.

We’ve prepared some pages describing the backup policy and additional information about some popular web apps. So if you want to back up WordPress, find out about Joomla backup options, enquire about automatic Drupal backups, ensure that your osCommerce shop is backed up, or even how to back up phpBB for free, then you’ve come to the right place!

Those are just a few examples. With Backup Machine, you can securely back up any website or web app with ease!

Andi New Security Features

Our goal at Backup Machine is to allow you to securely back up your website and database data. Therefore, it’s fitting that our first major post-launch feature provides two important security improvements:

1. SFTP backups – if your web host allows it, you can now back up using SSH FTP, which some users prefer due to its added security benefits.

2. SSH tunnelling for MySQL databases – this an advanced encrypted communication between Backup Machine and your MySQL server (even if the MySQL port is blocked by your web host).

These features are now available for all account types.

We’ll be making lots more useful updates in the coming months. Stay tuned to the blog to hear them first.

Andi 10 Reasons to Use Cloud Backups

Backing up your website to the cloud is a reasonably new concept. There are very few companies offering automated online backups in the way we do, but we truly think it’s the future. Here’s why:

1. There aren’t any setup fees, unlike traditional solutions which require you to buy specialist software and/or hardware, such as tape drives or DVDs.

2. Tape drives often fail … especially when you need them most!

3. Many traditional backup methods require human intervention. Backup Machine is completely automated!

4. An automated backup of this nature means that our systems can identify when your backups are failing and inform you as soon as the failure happens.

5. Online data storage is so inexpensive that it is now the most cost effective way to back up data.

6. You can easily upgrade without buying any extra hardware. Unlike most hardware solutions, this means that you can pay for what you need to and then upgrade when necessary.

7. With cloud backups, the data is stored completely offsite and copied into several secure data centres. Many people store their backups in their office, next to their servers, which doesn’t protect against physical disaster.

8. You can cancel our service at any time.

9. You or your staff don’t have to remember to manually run backups. We automate it to save any human error!

10. It’s secure! We encrypt your website data so that it’s completely protected from hackers. Backing up remotely is considerably safer than allowing staff to take home tape drives, or even leaving them in the office.