Posts from February 2011

Andi No Software Required

When we started working on Backup Machine, we knew that there’s one thing we wanted to do differently to other backup providers: not require any software to be installed! This gives our customers some key advantages over a software solution:

  • Quick and easy setup, with nothing to install.
  • Backups work with any server and any web host.
  • Your computer doesn’t need to be on for the backups to work.
  • No software updates to install or manage.
  • Nothing to worry about … we handle everything!

If you’re currently using a software-based solution, why not try Backup Machine? Our backups can run side by side with your current solution until you’re happy that the Backup Machine is the only backup you need!

Andi Backup Machine in a nutshell

Hello. We’re the new machine on the block. We’ve got something quite exciting hidden under our hood: automatic, stress-free online website backups!

We’re a fully-automated online website backup service. There’s nothing to install and no complicated configuration; we just back up your website on a daily, weekly or monthly basis (depending on your package type). And then if your website ever hits trouble (such as gets hacked, you accidentally delete files or your host loses the files), you’ll be able to recover the website in minutes. It’s that easy!

We believe in having just the right amount of tools and features you need. So instead of having hundreds of pointless features, we do one thing and we do it well: website backups! We offer a free website backup package (with no pesky credit cards required) so you’ve got nothing to lose. Let the machine do its work on you!