Backup Security Features

Our backup security promise to you

We understand the importance of your website data, therefore, Backup Machine is completely secure. Here's how:

How we securely back up your website

  1. Your FTP details are encrypted in a way that is only accessible by our internal secure backup servers. Backup Machine staff do not have access to your FTP details and they are only ever accessed for backing up your website.
  2. Your website files are securely downloaded by the backup server and encrypted for maximum protection. Our backup servers only have read access to your files so cannot alter anything on your live website. For maximum security, we access your website using SFTP/SSH, where possible.
  3. The encrypted files are stored into Amazon's S3 cloud (based in Virginia, USA); an incredibly secure cloud service with ISO 27001 certification. This is a widely-adopted global security standard that sets out requirements for a systematic approach to managing company and customer information.

How we store your website data

  1. All website data is encrypted. It is only accessible when you restore your website; neither the Backup Machine team, or anybody else has access to your files.
  2. The data is stored on premium hardware with regular backups and over 99.9999% hardware redundancy. In short; your data is safe with us!

How we restore your website

  1. We download the encrypted files from Amazon's secure S3 cloud (we only download the required files to restore your website).
  2. We decrypt the files you request in our local, secure environment.
  3. We prepare an archive for you to download, which is optionally encrypted using a password of your choice (using several ZIP formats of your choice).
  4. This download is made available to you for a limited window of time, before it is permanently removed from our local servers.