We automatically backup your website every day.

Backup Machine is the world's easiest web-based website backup service. There's nothing to install, it's completely automatic and very secure as all backups are encrypted.

Our free account is the perfect starter package. Sign up today to ensure that you never lose your website data.

Free month when you pay yearly.
Free Backup Silver Backup Gold Backup
Automatic website backup Included Included Included
Back-up frequency Monthly Weekly Daily
MySQL databases** 1 1 5
Storage space † up to 200MB up to 50GB up to 600GB
Maximum site size 50MB 2GB 10GB
Maximum individual file size 1MB 512MB 1GB
Maximum retention*** 3 Months 1 Year 1 Year
Email notifications - Included Included
Premium > 99.9999% hardware redundancy - Included Included
Encrypted backups Included Included Included
Free Backup Silver Backup Gold Backup

* Only one Free backup package allowed per customer
** Maximum supported database size: 15MB for free packages, 1GB for weekly or daily
*** Retention policy as outlined in our terms of service
† Storage size is the maximum site size + the maximum database size * the number of stored backups

Backup Machine Reseller Package

If you're a web designer, agency, web host or web host reseller, then Backup Machine will make the perfect add-on to your existing offering. Find out about our discounts and branding tools for resellers.

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